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What is President’s Day? (Other than a day known for car and mattress sales).

President’s Day started off in 1885 in celebration and recognition of #1’s birthday (as in George Washington #1). It has since evolved into a celebration of all current and past presidents. Many states continue to celebrate #1 and #16 individually, but it is nationally recognized and celebrated (usually with some amazing sales and maybe even a day off of work) on the third Monday of February. Thanks, Presidents, for the sweet three-day weekend!

It’s so hard to say goodbye… to your favorite house

By Christine Maxwell

Military families know two things for certain: We will move, and we will move frequently. Each time we move, we have three choices: live in military installation housing, rent a house off base, or buy a home. For those of us that become homeowners on purpose, we often also become landlords accidentally. However, even though we might be accidental landlords, becoming a successful landlord is no accident. Read the rest here.

If we were the bouncers at the club- we’d let you in without expecting a tip, because we like you that much!

Blue Star Families has the hookup to attend the third annual virtual Military Spouse Wellness Summit: Renew You. (BSF is a sponsor, NBD or anything.) The Summit begins Monday, March 5 and ends Sunday, March 11th. Who can attend, you ask? Well, if at any point in your life you called yourself a military spouse- then you’re super cool, and you can attend! Avoid burnout- and join us from your most comfortable chair in your house. Register here.

We asked, and you answered

We asked milkids a pretty easy essay question: “What  advice would you give your younger milkid self?” Here are some of the responses:

“Be strong, brave, and resilient, because we grow with each new experience.”

“Enjoy the moves! New places are exciting and it’s always cool to learn about different cultures in our own country and the world.”

“Embrace being the new kid, remember, it doesn’t last forever, and while it does… you can milk it for all it’s worth!”

“Be more optimistic. When you move, you learn who your real friends are because they stay in touch with you. Then you end up even closer with them. So, embrace the change!”

“Find a hobby that can travel with you.”

“Get comfortable in your own skin. You can’t worry about people liking you. You have to like you.”

“Sure you’re moving to a new state and a new school, but you might meet your best friend there! If you’re too upset or angry, you’ll never find out the possibilities in front of you. Just take it all in.”