“Sunnnnn-y days, sweepin’ the clouds away… Can you tell me how to get to my new house?”

BSF is partnering with Sesame Street to host webinars exclusive to Blue Star Families members. We will cover some hard topics milkids have to face. Join us for our first webinar discussing deployment on April 10th. In the meantime- check out Sesame Street’s resources.


“I – 23” … “N – 49”… (dramatic pause)… “BINGO!”

Go back to your childhood days when you played Bingo with your grandma in the church basement, but BSF style. We know that deployments are hard, so we came up with a fun way to show off your Murphy’s Law Deployment life. Let us know on SM if you got a BINGO, because here at BSF we are getting close to one already. Oh yeah, and make sure to download your free BINGO space here.


Speaking of deployments

Trying to craft up your care packages for March? We love JoMyGosh’s 17 St. Patrick’s Day Care Package Ideas.  Because who couldn’t use a magical rainbow and a pot of gold, am I right?


It’s called Spring Fever for a reason- BSF’s Spring Break Survival Guide

Whether you are having a staycation or a vacation this spring break, we have put together a few resources to survive it.

  • Traveling?
    • Walt Disney World is a favorite place for many of our staffers (Their amazing churros? Hello!?). We have a few people on staff who’s heartbeat sounds like the soundtrack from Moana because they love it that much! Did you know Walt Disney World has a lot of perks for military families? Read about them here.
    • One of our staffers (who is super adventurous) recently tried out a surprise travel destination company. Read about how she fared and see if it’s something that piques your interest here.
  • Staying Home?
    • A bored kid during spring break can be rough on you! Get them reading with these fun activities.
    • Get out and go on a hike at a National Park near you. Did you know currently serving military members qualify year round for a free America the Beautiful Park Pass? Learn more here.


It’s never too early to talk about chocolate.

“Lt. Nibbles” and “Hero” are reporting for duty! Can you guess where they are? If you guess right, you will be entered to win a basket “choc” full of Munson’s Chocolate goodies! (Check our Facebook page in the next few days for the deets). Pssst – Don’t forget to order your Camo Bunnies in time for Easter – some of the bunny money is donated to Blue Star Families – thanks, Munson’s Chocolates, we think you’re pretty sweet (pun intended). Get them in green and pink!

How’s that New Year’s Resolution Going?

Ugh- I know, sorry for the reminder, especially since we just talked about chocolate… our bad. We can help you get back on track. Get your free Thrive Market membership here, just a perk for being a Blue Star Families member!


Playing Run the World (Girls) all month long

Channeling my inner Beyoncé mixed with Rosie the Riveter. This month is Women’s History Month. We want to send a special thank you to all our female veterans and active duty service members.



Blue Star Families has been pretttyyy popular on the news front recently.

  • Blue Star Families got a special screening of the new hit Disney show, Andi Mack. They are making waves for military families. Read about it here.
  • Our CEO, Kathy Roth-Douquet, Senator Kaine, and other military spouses rolled out a group of legislative proposals to make it easier for military spouses to gain meaningful employment. Read more here.
  • One of our goals at Blue Star Families is to bridge the military-civilian divide. The DoD wants to help. Learn more.

*We should all be amazing at acronyms by now, right? (Truth moment: When I married into the military my husband found me a cheat sheet of all the acronyms. I carried in my pocket for months so I could somewhat follow the conversations around me.) Here’s to not having to smile and nod to another acronym. (Clink!) ICYMI: In case you missed it.


Volunteer with us!

We make things happen with the help of our outstanding volunteers. Want to get more involved? We are looking for volunteers in the Florida Panhandle, Jacksonville, FL, and San Diego, CA. Apply here.