Washington, D.C. – Military children need quality sleep.  They experience more stress than the average American child through deployments and frequent base relocations.  In April, the Month of the Military Child, Blue Star Families has partnered with Sleep Number to aid the sleep of military children in a few important ways.

The most recent Blue Star Families annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey highlighted the stress placed on the more than 1.7 million military children in America . Military families move seven times more often than civilian families, which means the average military child will attend six to nine different schools with at least two transitions during high school.  

The connection to sleep is real.  Nearly one-third (31%) of military families said their child had experienced difficulty sleeping/nightmares to a moderate or great effect as a result of their military parent’s deployment.  Over half (54%) of military families said their child had experienced separation anxiety, worry, and/or sleeping problems as a result of the service member’s deployment.

“Sleep can reduce behavioral issues of children of deployed military to include reduction in stress levels, anxiety, and declining grades,” said Kathy Roth-Douquet, CEO of Blue Star Families.

To bring attention and assistance to military children, Blue Star Families and Sleep Number have partnered to help military children get better sleep.

The Sleep Number Goodnight MilKid Sweepstakes will give a ZZZ Bear and Sleep Number children’s pillow to 100 military families.   Blue Star Families will also connect the Sleep Number sleep experts with military families to assist with tips for better sleep. Follow the Blue Star Families Facebook page for details on how to win. #GoodnightMilkid

Sleep Number is focused on improving the lives of youth through better sleep and much of Blue Star Families’ programs are focused on military children.