3 Tips to Help You Find a Remote Job (Yes, Even as a Milspouse)

Published: May 24, 2018

Photo: Courtesy of MadSkills

“There really are legitimate work-from-home, virtual work opportunities out there, especially in tech type businesses,” said Erica McMannes, co-founder of MadSkills, during her Blue Star Families Networks Live! On Demand interview. Speaking from first-hand experience, McMannes creates virtual work opportunities for military spouses every day. Her company specializes in building virtual teams for businesses wanting admin, marketing, and tech support.  

We connected with McMannes because virtual work is a growing trend in the U.S. In fact, 35% of today’s workforce are freelancers, contractors, and temps. “It’s a movement that’s encouraging for military spouses who want to stay employed during frequent moves,” says McMannes. “But it can also be a tricky space to navigate when first starting out.”  

So, we asked McMannes to pop into Networks Live! to share her experience as a work-from-home employee and now a biz owner who staffs and manages virtual teams. Here we share her tips for finding remote work (but if you want to know which virtual job opportunities are real and which aren’t, you should definitely watch the video below for some clutch advice!):

  1. Know what you want to do.

    McMannes explains that the first step to finding virtual work is knowing what you want to do. She recommends using Google to find skills that transfer well into virtual jobs like bookkeeper, content writer, graphic designer, social media manager, and web developer. “Do your research, then pick something that interests you or that you’re already good at,” McMannes says.

  2. Commit and invest in developing your skill.

    Most traditional jobs set you up with transferable skills, explains McMannes. But, if you don’t have previous work experience or expertise that converts, then she recommends investing in online education using platforms like Skillshare and Salesforce to start. Honing your skills “can be really profitable in a nomadic, digital space,” she says.

  3. Lean on your military community to help.

    Once you have a skill, start applying for virtual jobs. Both MadSkills and Blue Star Families have job boards where you can find work. (Hint: These are both good places to start if you want to avoid getting scammed because all jobs are vetted internally and are legit opportunities for military spouses.)

If you’re a military spouse interested in finding a remote job, watch Erica’s video. She shares in detail how to avoid scams, transfer skills, and work virtually. View the entire Networks Live! On Demand here:

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