3 FREE Resources to Help Your MilKid Sleep

October 19, 2018

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Are you a tired mom or dad? These three Blue Star Families resources will change your life.

We know lots of military families are tired because you told us. One-third of our Military Families Lifestyle Survey participants said their child had experienced sleep issues as a result of their parent’s deployment. We also know, from experience, that these issues can persist long after the service member returns home and can wreak havoc on the entire family.  

To help, we partnered with Sleep Number: our snooze gurus dedicated to improving the lives of youth through better sleep. Together we launched the second part of our Sleep Number #GoodNightMilKid Series to provide military families with sleep resources and support. Last spring, our friend Lauren Tamm, The Military Wife and Mom, hosted a four-part workshop for us addressing the major culprits keeping your kids up at night and out of bed. If you missed it, get the recap here, here, and here.

This fall, we’re back… and we’re giving away something BIG!! (Keep reading to find out what your milfam could win!)

Before we get there, let’s look at three AWESOME and FREE nighttime resources available exclusively to Blue Star Families Members (Not a member? Join here.)

1.  Thrive Market

Health experts say serving a snack 45 minutes before bed can help sustain high-energy kids overnight. Healthy snacks balanced with carbs, fat, and protein are best. Mamas on Team BSF recommend apple slices and peanut butter or whole grain crackers and cheese. However, we know healthy snacks can be cost-prohibitive, and that’s why we’ve teamed up with Thrive Market. They’re an online grocer who offers the organic brands you love for less and delivers them to your door (Winning!).

Most people pay to use Thrive Market, but Blue Star Families members don’t. You get an annual subscription for FREE! Thrive Market has a whole section dedicated to healthy snacks. Use your free membership to find something yummy to feed your kiddo before bed.

2.  Blue Star Books

Neural research shows that reading to your kid helps them learn faster. It’s also a great way to help them wind-down and settle into bed. At Blue Star Families, we love books! So much so, that in 2009 we started Blue Star Books, with help from Disney, to get books into the hands of military kids nationwide. One of the most popular books we gift is Moonpowder and is perfect for kids battling night terrors. For older kids, try  anything by Megan Rix or Tyler Benson. Both authors write military-related adventure series involving extraordinary dogs.

Blue Star Books is a membership perk for families located in or around our communities. Check here to see if there’s an upcoming event near you. If not, contact us here to see how we can bring BSF resources to your area.

3.   Caribu

As military families, we understand that reading with your kids in-person isn’t always an option. So, we partnered with Caribu, an app that lets you read to your kids no matter where you are. Usually a subscription-based technology, military families get it FREE! Did we mention how much we LOVE reading, because we do, and that’s why we think Caribu is the perfect app to accompany your nighttime routine – always.

Blue Star Families Members can access all three of these sleep resources for free. It takes less than a minute to join, do it now.

Now, for the big news…

Thanks to Sleep Number, we’re giving away 12 Sleep Number SleepIQTM Kids Beds as part of our GoodNightMilKid series this fall! Yes, you read that right… 12 smart-beds will be given to 12 military families now through November 15!!  

Wait. What’s a smart-bed?

SleepIQ Kids bed systems track breathing, heart rate and movement, and then assigns a sleep quality score for each night’s sleep. The next morning, check out the sleep dashboard to see your kiddo’s results. The bed also adjusts and grows with your kid. You can change the firmness, so it’s always comfortable and supportive – even when they grow four inches overnight. 

How do I get one?

Enter the Sleep Number #GoodNightMilKid sweepstakes here.

You can enter as many times as you’d like from Oct. 15 to Nov. 15. Follow along on Blue Star Families’ Facebook and Instagram where we’ll share sleep resources and support all month long. We will announce the 12 winners at the end of the campaign via email.

Enter here!

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