How to Get Your MilKid to Talk About the Hard Stuff

October 10, 2018

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Because of the nature of military life, we sometimes have to have tough talks with our kids like explaining why we’re moving again or breaking the bad news about Daddy. You know what I’m talking about, right? The conversations you really, really don’t want to have.

Frankly, these conversations suck…. annnnd no matter how many times you have to have them they NEVER get any easier. There is one (phenomenal!) field-tested, approved tool that can help, though. It’s called Sesame Street in Communities, and it was created for parents like you: loving supporters who get their kids through challenging times–big or small.

Sesame Street in Communities can be accessed anywhere, anytime. It’s an online tool that’s bilingual (English and Spanish) and can be searched via topic. They have resources for hard conversations like those surrounding grief and resiliency (um, hello, we all need this!), as well as, help for lighter topics like moving our bodies, health, and hygiene. For each subject, you can choose videos, games, or printable guides to share with your child depending on their learning style.

So, what’s Sesame Street’s secret sauce for dealing with the hard stuff?

Their Muppets, of course! Using Muppets, Sesame Street can approach hard conversations in a non-threatening way. The characters help kids talk about hard subjects and give them tools to cope. Each activity is designed with learning and growth in mind.

Two Sesame Street reps joined Blue Star Families for a Networks Live! On Demand to share how this resource can help military families. While you can visit their site on your own, we highly recommend watching this live video first. You’ll learn from the pros and get insider tips and tricks on how to use their platform best. Watch it now:

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