February 2019 Newsletter

February 6, 2019

2018 Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle Survey

The Blue Star Families annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey results — in collaboration with Syracuse University’s Institute for Veteran and Military Families — are here! With more than 10,000 respondents including service members, veterans, and their families, the #BSFSurvey received the highest response rate since its establishment ten years ago!

Download the results here.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

With all our love!

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Transform How You Think About PCSing

I know it sounds corny, but choosing to view a PCS as a fresh start is essential, especially once your kids are old enough to understand that moving means leaving friends behind. Orders to a new duty station present the perfect opportunity to take stock, examine your own life and refocus on your goals. Read about them here.

Military Spouse Wellness Summit

You’ve dedicated your life to serving others, milspouse… what’s one thing you call your own? Read a little more about the virtual Military Spouse Wellness Summit. (Pst… we’re a sponsor. Use code BSF19 at checkout to get a sweet discount on your ticket!).

“Deployments always bring out the best in me”… said no one ever.

Use up that year old Valentine’s Day chocolate quick. Read our Chocolate Lover’s Deployment here.

We love the arts

Military families can get into these 10 live theater productions for free or at a reduced price. Check them out.

2019 Vettys! 

We are honored and humbled to be the 2019 Vetty recipient in the Leadership category. We never stop working to make life better for military families through collaborations with our #BlueStarNeighbors.

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