How Blue Star Neighbors Like Starbucks Helped Shower Military Families With Love for Valentine’s Day

Published: February 26, 2019

Photo: Unsplash

There’s a popular quote that reads something like, “Sometimes, the best things in life are not things at all… but the people who make you feel loved and cared for.” And when Valentine’s Day rolls around, while society often focuses on flowers, chocolates, mushy paper cards, and expectations, we focus on caring for those closest to our hearts—military families.

Reason being, it’s evident, especially after reading the recently-published results of Blue Star Families’ 2018 Military Family Lifestyle Survey, that military families face many challenges—from frequent relocation (a top lifestyle stressor) to long periods of time apart, and even trying to establish a sense of belonging within their local community. In fact, I think this is the perfect place to share a particular eye-opening finding from the 2018 survey results: 48 percent of families feel disconnected from their local civilian community.

Let that sink in for a minute.

These are challenges that most of us are intimately aware of—if not from our own experience, then from that of our military friends and acquaintances. And while data like this is crucial in bringing to light the pain points of military life, perhaps one of the most important questions we should continue to ask ourselves is:

How can we work to combat these issues and continue to push forward with our mission to make military life sustainable?

It sounds rather basic, but a lot can be accomplished with simple intent such as showering military families with love. And this past Valentine’s Day, Blue Star Families teamed up with our partners at Starbucks to do exactly that.

Together, we were able to host 35 Valentine’s card-making parties—from San Diego to El Paso, Chicago, and New York. Military spouses and their kids paid a visit to their local Starbucks to craft a heartfelt message for their very own Valentines, their family and friends who serve, while interacting with members of the civilian community.


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We had a blast with @bluestarfamilies in @starbucks making Valentines for our Hero’s today! #bsfstarbucks

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Though, what made the card-making parties even more special? Some visitors chose to make Valentines to be handed out to service members who simply stopped by to pick up their favorite cup of joe, not expecting anything in return.

Ultimately, it’s because of local events like these, hosted with the support of #BlueStarNeighbors like Starbucks, that we’re able to help move the needle together to connect military families with their communities and, likewise, communities with their military families.

So if you’re looking to participate in similar impactful gatherings while establishing or deepening your sense of belonging within your community, the Blue Star Families team invites you to join our Blue Star Nation or become a #BSFVolunteer. We can’t wait for you to be a part of our family!