One Outstanding Volunteer Making Blue Star Families Lives Better

April 11, 2019

At the heart of every military community are volunteers who go above and beyond to make their communities a great place for military families to live. The Blue Star Families (BSF) Salute to Distinction Award program recognizes the outstanding volunteers who demonstrate exemplary service to our organization and formally thanks them for furthering the Blue Star Families mission within their respective communities.

BSF is proud to announce our Volunteer of the Year for outstanding service in 2018: Savannah Hewett in Albuquerque, New Mexico!

volunteer of the year

Congratulations, Savannah Hewett, on being BSF 2018 Volunteer of the Year! Savannah and her son volunteering for the Starbucks Veterans Day Campaign (November 2018).


Savannah has been a BSF volunteer leader in Albuquerque since March of 2016. She is a military spouse who puts her heart and soul into making life better for military families in her community. In 2018, Savannah dedicated over 1,000 hours of service to BSF alone and supported several other military support organizations on and off base. She has earned a Presidential Volunteer Service Award every year she’s been with BSF (for 100 or more hours of volunteer service in a calendar year) and has received several awards in her community for exemplary service.

The work that Savannah does in Albuquerque is incredible. In 2018 alone, she organized and participated in 62 community engagement opportunities for military families in her area – the most that any BSF volunteer has ever taken on in a single year!

Savannah works with several volunteers and community partners to offer the full suite of BSF programming in Albuquerque, including Blue Star Books, Blue Star Museums, Blue Star Parks, and unique opportunities with her local Starbucks partners. Through her 2018 events, Savannah and her team served over 5,000 military families and neighbors in the community and welcomed hundreds of new BSF members.

volunteer of the year

Savannah dressed up as the Blue Star Book Fairy for Halloween (October 2018).


Savannah understands the importance of developing community partnerships and involving Blue Star Neighbors to create meaningful connections for military families. She has built strong relationships with key leaders in the community. She regularly awards Blue Star Neighbors with certificates of appreciation to thank them for supporting military families in Albuquerque.

Savannah also provides opportunities for military families and neighbors to participate together in community engagement activities. In June, she coordinated a group of 45 volunteers to welcome home an Honor Flight at Albuquerque International Airport.  Volunteers commented that it was one of the most meaningful experiences they had ever had and hoped to make it a yearly tradition.

“Savannah goes above and beyond to make her community a great place to live,” said Kate Oyer, BSF Chapter Engagement and Opportunity Manager.  “She has a heart of gold, loves to help people, and offers BSF resources to everyone she meets.”

volunteer of the year

Savannah and her family with Buddy the Bison at a Blue Star Parks event (May 2018).


BSF is a household name at Kirtland AFB because of Savannah’s efforts. Her commitment to the mission of BSF – to create community between military families and their neighbors and to help military families thrive – is evident in everything she does. Savannah is a true leader in our military community.

Congratulations on being named the Blue Star Families 2018 Volunteer of the Year, Savannah! Thank you for all you do for BSF.

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