Meet A Blue Star Neighbor & Hero: 2019 Award Recipient Susan Masser

May 15, 2019

Tuesday, May 14, was without a doubt an evening to celebrate. That’s because military supporters gathered at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., to Celebrate 10 years of Blue Star Families and Neighbors.

You know what that means, right? Yes, you guessed it. The 2019 Blue Star Neighbors Award was presented to one very deserving civilian hero named Susan Masser. Nominated by Chelle McIntyre-Brewer for quite literally saving the life of her and her husband’s daughter Lorelei, Masser is described as someone who “devotes every part of her being to serving others and making life better for the world.”

In Chelle’s nomination letter, she goes on to share a deeply personal and heart-wrenching account of when Lorelei’s heart stopped suddenly, and she went into septic shock a few days later. Susan, without hesitation, supported the family throughout it all, and in any way she possibly could. From the excruciating days and weeks spent in the hospital to transitioning to the step-down unit, and returning home, she continued to show upfervently serving as the extended family the Brewer’s never had (especially while Chelle and her active-duty husband are geo-baching due to Lorelei’s medical needs) to taking care of the house, the farm animals, and other responsibilitieswithout preparation and asking for anything in return.

And not only that, but she also makes an effort to lend a helping hand to the military community as a whole. Whether advocating for the Brewer children’s two nonprofit organizations (Heart Hugs and Socks for Vets) or lugging around the family’s goats that are used to carry supplies for wounded warriors, laying wreaths at graves, supporting fundraising for a service memorial, participating in parades, leading craft initiatives for card and care package drives, and helping plan benefit dinners in memory of service members lost in combat, she’s constantly giving her time to many.

Ever since the Brewer family’s path crossed with Susan’s while at a 4-H club meeting, she’s been the rock for their family. And as Chelle goes on to say, “I will never forget that night. That would have been enough, but Susan just keeps setting the bar higher and higher because that is the kind of person she is. No matter what. No matter when. She supports us. I cannot imagine a more worthy recipient of the 2019 Blue Star Neighbors Award. This woman is phenomenal and I will never be able to thank her enough for helping to save our daughter’s life that night.”

Join us in giving a big congratulations to Susan! Thank you for all you do for the Brewer family and the service member community.

The Blue Star Neighbors Award is presented during the Blue Star Neighbors Celebration each year. This event honors and celebrates the kindness of military supporters across the country and their impact on the military family community. To learn more, CLICK HERE.

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