Nominate a Deserving Milspouse to Receive Free Coffee at Starbucks

May 2, 2019

Do you feel like May is a busy month within our military community?

Your feelings are certainly valid, friend. And we’re right there with you. Not only are many of us gearing up for a busy summer of PCSing, but we’re also celebrating and honoring caregivers for the Month of the Military Caregiver, current and former members of the Armed Forces for National Military Appreciation Month, mothers for Mother’s Day, fallen comrades and heroes for Memorial Day, and spouses for Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

While those holidays extend well beyond a day or month for all of us as we live them out on a daily basis, today, the BSF team is here to lend a hand in commemorating the last one shared aboveMilitary Spouse Appreciation Day on Friday, May 10.

Starbucks, a #BSFNeighbor, is helping us gift 100 $5 gift cards to military spouses!

Between now and May 9, we’re seeking nominations through this form to gift $5 Starbucks gift cards to 100 more-than-deserving military spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day.

Why? Because military spouses are often unsung heroes. When their active duty service member bravely and selflessly works long days and faces deployments in dangerous situations and away from family and friends, what do they do? They let out the emotions that inevitably come with the roller coaster life they live and say “yes” to less-than-normal dinner options (a bowl of cereal or ice cream, anyone?). But, they then push onward and upward while mustering up a serious dose of moxie as they hold down the home front.

Not only that, but they also battle it out for their career. They face those gut-wrenching “see you laters” to the tight-knit milspouse tribe they worked so hard to build at their current duty station. And they do so with courage no less because they know it’s inevitable that they’ll continue to weave their garden as they cultivate new military spouse friendships along the way. Also, no matter how much they have on their plate at the moment, they find the time to serve other spouses in need and those within their community because that’s just what they do—they serve without hesitation or the need for recognition.

You get the point, right? The list of powerful examples of their service to our country is endless. That said, it’s evident why they deserve a free cup of joe as well as our sincere gratitude and attention.

So, it’s time to say “Thanks a Latte” and nominate your favorite military spouse!

Maybe your favorite military spouse is your Battle Buddy or is always there to lend you a helping hand, break you out of the house when you need an escape from your long list of duties, and offer up words of encouragement when military life is seriously testing your patience. He or she could even be the glue that holds your family together during long separations and trainings.

No matter who that special service member spouse iswhether a husband or wife, friend, or neighborwe encourage you to nominate them today by filling out this quick and easy form before May 9.

We’ll select the first 100 people who apply, and if chosen, the milspouse you nominated will be notified via email on the morning of Military Spouse Appreciation Day (Friday, May 10), with a Starbucks gift card code so they can treat themselves to a pick-me-up in honor of their commitment to their spouse, family, and nation!

Oh, and not to worry. We’ll also pop into your inbox that same day to let you know if they received a little extra love, thanks (a latte) to you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to nominating right now! Then, be on the lookout for an email from the BSF team and tune in to the #BSFStarbucks hashtag on social media to see who else receives the love. Cheers to those who keep our nation strong!

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