Would You Rather: Complete the #BSFSurvey or These Military Tasks?

May 24, 2019

Life as a military family most definitely requires patience.

It’s a virtue not too many of us are born with or acquire until we’re knee-deep in long, drawn-out deployments and tasks the military throws our way.

And even then, we can find ourselves tapping our foot in anticipation for our service member spouse to return home safely, the last day of school to arrive so summer can begin, orders to be solidified so we can figure out where in the world we’ll be living next, and leave to be approved so we can take that much-needed vacation (even if it’s to a destination just a stone’s throw away).

You get the point. In a countdown mode state-of-mind, patience can be difficult to come by. Yes, our loved ones, our heroes, are 100% worth waiting for.

But what about the daily hassles or setbacks that come with military life? You know, such as: scouring the Internet for a milspouse-friendly job option that can stick with you no matter where the military takes you, battling long waitlists for reliable childcare, trying to get ahold of maintenance to fix up military housing issues; the list goes on.

So, is it really possible to have patience for improvements to be made?

Well, if you’re feeling frustrated with the time it takes the military to find concrete solutions for any of the issues shared above, the good news is, your voice can help propel change. (Yes, it’s true. Check this out.)

But, one thing needs to be determined: would you rather spend your time completing the Blue Star Families annual Military Family Lifestyle Survey or any of the following military tasks?

The ball is in your court.

Complete the BSF Survey or…

  • Go through the grueling Tricare referral process.

Let’s just say referrals are a bear. Between multiple appointments, paperwork, and miscommunication between who is responsible for what, the time it takes to be seen by a provider in your network definitely surpasses the time it’d take you to complete the BSF Survey.

  • Pull together three emergency contacts for your child’s daycare or school.

Yes, right after you arrive at your new duty station. Of course. Doesn’t anyone understand it takes time to find people you can really rely on? You can’t just give the emergency contact role to anyone.

  • Mow the yard and pull the weeds that decided to take over ever since your spouse deployed.

Yard maintenance isn’t for the weak. And why do the weeds always seem to sprout up when you’re the person who’s now responsible for avoiding housing citations?

  • Try to find a building on base even when Maps has no idea.

“Hey, Siri. Directions to the DEERS/RAPIDS office.” Yeah, not a chance. Siri wishes you the best of luck in your search.

  • Cut your spouse’s hair when they refuse to go to a professional.

It’s an honor to be chosen for such a task. Or is it? Because, chances are, after they take a glance at their new “High and Tight” ‘do in the mirror, they’ll have some choice words to say. Hey, they get what they paid forfree (and with little to no experience).

  • Visit The Exchange on Family Day.

Fighting crowds and long lines is not really your thing. Especially when you just came for a few snacks and paper towels.

All jokes aside, your time is precious. And so is your patience. The amount of time it will require for you to complete the Blue Star Families Military Family Lifestyle Survey is most likely far less than any of the above tasks we as military families often encounter (an average of 30 minutes, to be exact). And it’s probably a lot more enjoyable because you can complete it from wherever you are and know that change-makers will hear your voice!

Time is running out! Now until June 14, take the BSF Military Family Lifestyle Survey to keep the momentum going and sustain change.