4 Stories that Prove You Can Take BSF With You Wherever You Go

Published: October 8, 2019

We’ve recently noticed an exciting volunteer trend, and we can’t keep it to ourselves any longer! So, here it is…

Our volunteers are on the move, and they’re taking BSF along for the ride.

We’re sharing this with such excitement because this means you can join us today as a Blue Star Families volunteerfrom wherever you may be. 

When the military comes calling once again with PCS orders, you can arrive at your next duty station with a new set of BSF friends and events to enjoy! On the other hand, what if you move to an area where our presence hasn’t been established just yet? We’ll work with you to build a new BSF team!

You may be thinking, “Prove it.” Well, today, we’re doing exactly that by sharing just a few of the many experiences of our volunteers:

  • You could be like Katti who attended a Blue Star Families Military Spouse Appreciation event at a Starbucks in the South. She wanted to learn more, but was in the process of moving. When she arrived in her new community on the East Coast, she found she was in a Chapter area. So what did she do? She attended a local Blue Star Families Coffee Connect at, yes, a Starbucks. While there, she met a whole team of volunteers. Now, she serves as a BSF Chapter Leader!
  • It’s possible to move from one Blue Star Families Chapter to another! Brandi left one of our Chapters on the West Coast, and arrived in the Northeast just as one Chapter was looking for volunteers to take on new roles. Brandi now leads Coffee Connect events and welcomes new families to her community.
  • You could join us and be like Cara who moved from one Blue Star Neighborhood to another. She knew Blue Star Books had an incredible impact on her former BSF Neighborhood. So, when she arrived in her new Neighborhood, she introduced Blue Star Books, has since set up Yellow Ribbon Trees at local Starbucks stores, and helped Blue Star Families recognize military kids! 
  • Your volunteer story could mirror Shelly’s. During her husband’s deployment, she was a member of Blue Star Families. She and her family enjoyed the incredible benefits that come with BSF programming. The fun events and activities helped them stay busy and learn new things together during the time spent apart. When Shelly and her family moved to the East Coast, she discovered she was now living in a Chapter area. Today, Shelly serves as a Chapter Leader, giving back and continuing to be a part of sharing the many BSF programs.

Each of these volunteers said goodbye to their communities, circle of friends, and so much more when they moved. But they didn’t have to part ways with Blue Star Families. Continuing to volunteer allowed them the opportunity to spread the BSF mission while cultivating new connections in their new community.

Wait a second. BSF isn’t everywhere – yet! You, however, can help us get there. Are you a military spouse? Let’s walk arm in arm throughout your PCS journey as you obtain the sense of connectedness and belonging you want and need through volunteering. Or, are you a civilian neighbor? Serve as the welcoming/supportive committee, as well as a community expert. And, lastly, if you’re a service member or veteran, share your leadership abilities with our Chapters and Neighborhoods.

All that to say, we certainly have volunteer opportunities for every single member of our nation’s military families. So, click here if you’re ready to join our powerhouse team of volunteers. We can’t wait to welcome you!