How Blue Star Families Celebrates Military Family Month Year-Round

Published: November 5, 2019

It’s November. And you know what that means, right?

Military Family Month!

Technically, we dedicate every month, day, and week to showing our appreciation for and supporting our nation’s military families here at Blue Star Families. But we figured we’d join in the celebration by sharing a brief backstory on how this month-long observance came to be and give you a glimpse into the work we do to empower military family members year-round. 

The Backstory on Military Family Month

Military Family Month got its start back in 1996 thanks to the Armed Services YMCA and U.S. Government’s expansion of Military Family Week.  

From that moment on, subsequent presidents continue to declare the month as Military Family Month through a signed proclamation, and Congress periodically passes resolutions to designate the same.

In honor of the observance, throughout the month, American military families are recognized at various ceremonies and eventsfrom family fun gatherings with your local MWR or Family Services Center to discounts on goods, services, and dining, and so much more. 

How does Blue Star Families celebrate & support your military family throughout this month and beyond?

  1. We host exclusive events in Chapter locations & Neighborhoods across the country.

More than 900 events in CONUS and OCONUS locations every year, to be exact. From Chapter launches to Coffee Connect at your local Military Starbucks Family Store, holiday-themed gatherings, hiring events, and more, these opportunities get you connected to your community and find you the support you need from civilians who appreciate your service.

Blue Star Families Bike Build photo

Bike Build Project for Blue Shield of CA

  1. We partner up with some seriously incredible Blue Star Neighbors

Our Blue Star Neighbors are both people and organizations committed to helping us create active communities of support for you. Throughout the year, we join forces with organizations such as Starbucks, Macy’s, Sleep Number, Disney, and more to contribute to enhancing your family’s strength, wellbeing, and resiliency. 

And this month alone, we’ve teamed up with Green Beans Coffee and maurices in celebration of Military Family Month! Green Beans Coffee is donating round-up change to Blue Star Families when military supporters purchase a Cup of Joe for a Joe (COJ) this November. Also, maurices is giving $1 to Blue Star Families when military supporters buy a gift card now through Veterans Day.

green beans coffee military

Follow along at #RoundUpForBlueStarFamilies and #GiveGoodMilitary! As soon as you do, over the next four weeks, you’ll uncover details on how to enter to win one of 8 cool prizes like special edition gift baskets from Green Beans Coffee and $100 gift cards from maurices.

  1. We launch our Military Family Lifestyle Survey each year to listen to & amplify your story. 

Year after year, we push for positive change for our country’s military families as part of our Military Family Lifestyle Survey efforts. Those within the active duty, veteran, National Guard, and Reserve communities convey the issues currently affecting their family. And from there? We listen to and amplify their voice to effect positive change* alongside policymakers, community leaders, and nonprofits at the local and national level.  

*If you’re curious about the ways the BSF Survey pushed for positive change in 2018 alone, you’ll want to read this blog post next. 

  1. We offer ongoing programming to meet your needs along your journey.

Our ultimate goal is to provide continuous solutions to the unique challenges you face as a military family—from frequent moves and deployments to reintegration, and more. And to help us achieve that, through our research and discussions, we’ve curated the following programs: Blue Star Museums, Blue Star Parks, Blue Star Books, Blue Star Theatres, Blue Star Careers, and Blue Star Caregiving

Buddy Bison National Parks

Buddy Bison at a National Park

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