Give Back to Our Community by Sending a Military Family Member You Love Some Starbucks Coffee Today!

May 21, 2020

Let’s face it. This has been a seriously stressful season of life. 

COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on all of us, and while we can’t solve every challenge it’s presented, we can, as a community, bring comfort amidst the chaos.   

How exactly?

Right now, there’s a son or daughter, spouse, friend, or neighbor who needs you to reach out and check-in. And Starbucks, an awesome Blue Star Neighbor, offers an easy but impactful way to do just that – from the comfort of your home.  

All you need to do is purchase a Starbucks Military eGift here. It’ll take 30-seconds, and your deserving person will receive an email instantly saying their next cup of joe is on YOU.

Why Starbucks? Because it’s more than a cup of coffee…

  • It’s a way to check in on a friend.
  • It’s a gesture of “Thanks!”
  • It’s an “I’m thinking of you.” 
  • It’s a “Let’s get together when this is over.”

Our Blue Star Families – whether that’s you or someone you know – need to hear this right now because some are struggling (see for yourself by exploring our weekly Pain Points Poll results here). Loss of community, suspended move orders, and the uncertainty of when deployed service members will be home has stress levels at an all-time high.  

So, with it being Military Appreciation Month AND Mental Health Awareness Month, now, more than ever, is the time to send your love and support.


Starbucks is raising their hand to help, too. When you send a Starbucks Military eGift to your loved one, for any amount, now through June 1st, Starbucks will sweeten the pot by donating $5 split evenly between Blue Star Families and Headstrong. You know what that means, right? A $5 gift provides $10 of support — $5 for your recipient and $5 for military families in the form of more programs, resources, and events. For example, last year alone, we hosted 900 events (like this one and this one) and reached 1.5M Blue Star Families.  


What are you waiting for? 

Someone needs YOU today. Send your love and support with a Starbucks Military eGift right now. 


Together, we can uplift and empower our milfam community all around the world. 

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