The Pandemic PCS Season is Here: It’s Time to Get Organized!

August 26, 2020

If you’ve been following along on our journey so far, thank you! We appreciate everyone’s support and well wishes as we navigate our pandemic PCS. 

We have officially arrived at our new duty station and our home for the next few years. Next up is yet another challenge: unloading all of our stuff and figuring out how to set up the new house. Does anyone else get a little overwhelmed unpacking all of your belongings? I could have sworn we didn’t own this much! Also, as seasoned military families know, each house comes with its advantages and disadvantages, and fitting everything into new rooms and closets can sometimes be a puzzle.

The big advantage of this house? The basement! A huge basement is something our last place didn’t have. Now, we have amazing storage options available for those things that we don’t use very often. We are so excited (it’s the little things in life, right?) and want to make sure we take the time to organize our storage so we can easily find items as we need them. It’s also important that we store everything properly to keep everything dry and clean. 

The big disadvantage of this house? The pantry. I absolutely love to cook! Especially through this pandemic, baking has been a major stress reliever for me. (Anyone else jump on the sourdough bread train? Carbs don’t count when you’re under stay at home orders … right?) Our last home had a massive walk-in pantry to store all of our supplies and equipment. This home, however, has minimal pantry space. We’re going to need some solid organization to maximize the space and keep things clean.

Luckily, as we get unpacked and start organizing, Blue Star Families has some awesome tips and tricks to help! You can find them all HERE! I’ve been watching all of the #MilFamDeepClean videos, especially the pantry organizing hacks from Maria, founder of Moving with the Military. Can you say pantry goals? 

Want to continue to check out our progress as we get settled in? Follow along on social media @BlueStarFamilies.


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