New York Tri-State

Welcome to Blue Star Families New York Tri-State Region!  Officially launched on May 1, 2017, Blue Star Families community is here to connect the large metropolitan area of the New York five boroughs, Long Island, Hudson Valley, Northern New Jersey and Southern Connecticut.  This area is home to multiple installations, the United States Military Academy, and over 21,000 National Guard and Reserve.  The Blue Star Families New York community provides military families with a way to meet their neighbors and get to know the community through community connection, events, volunteer opportunities, and Blue Star Families programs.

Blue Star Families also provides an opportunity for Blue Star Neighbors to support the military community through hosting events, volunteering, and creating community connections.  By working together with local command leadership, government officials, service organizations, businesses, health care facilities, academic institutions, and civilian neighbors we can ensure military families feel supported and thrive in this community.

Let’s do this together!  Blue Star Families and Blue Star Neighbors, please join us and become involved with Blue Star Families New York Tri-State community, we can be reached at [email protected]  We look forward to working with you.