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Military Kids, Childhood Food Insecurity, and Resources to Help

April 8, 2022

Military Kids, Childhood Food Insecurity, and Resources to Help Military children are the highlight of the month of April. When military families serve around the world, military kids serve, too–moving…

How will the coronavirus impact education for military kids?

April 7, 2020

School closures have left parents scrambling to adjust daily routines for education requirements that vary from district to district. Some states announced the possibility that students will return at some…

Here’s some advice for military parents with extra worries about kids’ fall education

June 19, 2020

Many military parents are dealing with concerns about their children’s education in the era of coronavirus, and moving to a new duty station may only compound those worries and the…

YAM offers programs for kids, free summer admission for first responders and military

May 28, 2020

Yellowstone Art Museum recently announced its upcoming Summer Art Studio classes. The series, designed for children ages 5-12, will be offered virtually in June. Children’s activities are tentatively scheduled to…

Blue Star Spaces for Belonging LGBTQ+ Military Youth Kick Off Event

September 27, 2023

Blue Star Families, Modern Military Association of American (MMAA) and the DC Mayor’s Office of Veterans Affairs are excited to announce the launch of Spaces for Belonging – a brand…

Libraries — A Key Resource for Military Families on the Move

September 13, 2023

Libraries are particularly well-suited to welcome our military families. While many continue to host family favorite events like children’s story times, they have also evolved over the years to provide enhanced resources and opportunities such as outdoor exploring packs available for check-out or membership access for local attractions. 

Clearing Up the Confusion: What Military Families Need to Know About Your Vision Healthcare Coverage

August 29, 2023

Hello, military families! We totally get how confusing healthcare decisions can be, especially when it comes to vision care. And things have only gotten murkier with inflation driving up costs.…