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Summer Bingo

Are you ready to kick off your summer fun with BSF’s Summer Bingo?

This contest is sure to bring the family together and keep you busy whether you are PCSing or just staying put. The game is open to everyone whether you are an active duty family or a civilian neighbor.

We have lots of great prizes and all you need to do is read, visit parks and museums, and be a good neighbor…or some combination of all three to score a B-I-N-G-O!

So, what are you waiting for?

Find out how to play  |  BSF Bingo Rules  |  Prizes

How to Play

Get your Bingo Card
Download a BSF Bingo card and start tracking your summer adventures.

Post photos
If a Bingo card spot asks for a photo to be submitted, upload that image on your social media channel and include the hashtag #BlueStarSummer. Make sure your settings are public so we can see it!

When you have achieved BINGO (5 completed boxes in a row in any direction), hit the I HAVE BINGO! button to submit an online verification form. The Blue Star Families member must submit the form for a chance to win a prize.

BSF Bingo Rules

  1. You must be a current Blue Star Families member to download a Bingo card. Blue Star Families Membership is free. If you choose not to join but would like to play, see Additional Rules for Summer Bingo.
  2. A winner will be selected monthly (June, July, August) from all verified cards submitted. Players may collect only one prize during the contest period. Special drawings may be held during the course of the contest and winners will be selected at random from any qualified Bingo cards.
  3. The contest runs from May 18 through September 2, 2019.
  4. Once you have submitted a completed card, that card will continue to be in the selection pool until the end of the contest period.
  5. Full names will not be released or printed publicly.
American Express Gift Card image


Blue Star Families will award up to four $25 American Express gift cards throughout the summer (May 18-September 2, 2019).

Prizes will be awarded at random to anyone who has submitted a card each month (May, June, July, August 2019).

If you do not win the first month, your completed card will continue to be eligible until the contest ends September 2, 2019, and all prizes are distributed.

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