Looking to make some connections? Start with our professional, social-media powered networks!

Blue Star Networks are career-specific Facebook groups that empower military spouse professionals to learn, grow and connect with like-minded community members. Using the Networks, spouses can do the following:

  • Share information about local or industry-specific employment opportunities
  • Advocate for policy changes to remove barriers and enable successful work transitions when moving across state lines
  • Build professional networks regardless of geographic location

The Networks also provide direct lines of communication to top employers and policy-makers who are seeking input from military spouses to make workplaces, industries, and states more military spouse-friendly.

Join our Blue Star Networks professional groups on Facebook to network with leaders in your profession.

Blue Star Educators (502 Members) This group is open to teachers, counselors, social workers and all educational professionals and academics.

Blue Star Health Care Professionals (519 Members): This group is open to all military spouse health care and mental health care professionals from nursing to counseling to physical therapy and all health care fields in between.

Blue Star Entrepreneurs (817 Members): This group is for spouses who own their own businesses, work as independent contractors, and anyone whose occupation may not fit in the Healthcare or Education Networks.

Blue Star Tech (53 Members): A network to connect with other career minded military spouses that are working in the technology industry or looking at ways to grow their skill technology skill sets.