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Civics Unplugged

We are excited to join forces, once again, with Civics Unplugged!

The CU 2022 Spring Fellowship is a 3-month civic leadership program that empowers high school students representing every region of the U.S. with the tools, training, and community to reform and rebuild American democracy.

The program is entirely free and virtual, and runs from September - November 2022. Join a community of hundreds of service-minded teens around the world—a huge number of whom are also military kids—who are committed to strengthening American democracy and ensuring the future of the free world. Friendships built in this community will last, no matter where a fellow's family moves.

Applications are due February 2022, but CU prioritizes applicants who apply early and fellowship slots are limited!



Apply now for Civics Unplugged!

This exciting opportunity is open to high school teens (and students on a Gap Year) across the U.S. and those currently serving with their families overseas.


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