Whales: Giants of the Deep at 10:30 In the Mays Family Center! See the largest artifact to ever be on display at the Witte Museum, a real skeleton of a male sperm whale measuring 58 feet long (or about 18 feet longer than a school bus).

Self Guided at 11:00 am till 2 pm:

Wild Weather special exhibit: see how scientists are working to better forecast these events and help mitigate the impact on the communities. Enjoy extreme weather patterns from the safety of the exhibition hall and learn how you can weather the storm!

Kittie West Nelson Ferguson People of the Pecos Gallery, Naylor Family Dinosaur Gallery, and the Mclean Family Texas Wild Gallery. Other amazing exhibits available are the H-E-B Body Adventure, the B. Naylor Morton Research & Collections Center and the Robert J. & Helen C. Kleberg South Texas Heritage Center