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Since 2009, Blue Star Families has, with the help of partners like Disney, given hundreds of thousands of books away to more than 560,000 military kids across the world through Blue Star Books.

That’s a lot of new books. And a lot of happy kids.

We want our books to find their way into your kids’ hands, too! Make sure that you check out our events and join Blue Star Families to find the nearest Blue Star Books event.

‘It was such a wonderful time. I have two daughters and their dad just deployed 2 weeks before we attended this event and it made my girls so happy. My 3-year-old was convinced that her dad sent Mickey Mouse to meet her! And she loved that Mickey was with the American flag, it really brought her Army life & her everyday kid life together. Thank you so much for everything and taking our minds off missing our favorite soldier.’

Blue Star Books may be coming to a community near you! Check out our upcoming events below, and join our network to hear about these and more exclusive benefits for military families.

NEW! Family Book Clubs

Launching in San Diego areas, Washington DC, Virginia Beach, and New York this Spring.

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