General description The Director of Digital Marketing & Engagement (DME) will be a key member of our leadership team. This position will have a major impact on the military family movement, which has the attention of key leaders in Washington, the media and the nonprofit sector. The position’s core functions are: 1) Design and implement a comprehensive communications and engagement plan for rapid membership growth and deeper member engagement through traditional and new methods of marketing, including website and social media design/management. 2) Grow donor and corporate sponsorship connections and promote public advocacy with compelling collateral (physical pieces, video and online. 3) Support organizational operations, including outreach, campaign optimization, such as growing our user funnel, member segmentation and acquisition, channel testing and analytics. 4) Oversee communications and PR for the organization in general. Leveraging advanced technology, the Director of DME will expand outreach, track, oversee and organize every Blue Star member interaction throughout the user lifecycle. The ultimate objective is to optimize the overall member experience, thereby building engagement and loyalty amongst the military families we serve. The Director of DME will lead the Technology Engagement and Marketing (TEM) team, and develop a strategic communications and marketing plan, covering all technology platforms across the organization. Responsibilities include daily operations such as managing vendors, staff, supplies and equipment, as well as the financial administration of the department. This position serves as a member of the senior management team, working with the COO, CEO, and Board of Directors in charting BSF’s strategic direction, and ensuring operational effectiveness and accountability to all constituencies.