EMPLOYMENT CATEGORY: Flexible, must be able to work days, nights, weekends and holidays as required

LOCATION OF POSITION: Dewey’s, MWR Department, NAS Jacksonville

AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Local Commute Area JOB SUMMARY: This position is located at the Dewey’s operation at NAS Jacksonville. The purpose of this position is to ensure that food/drinks are served in appropriate manner to customers.

MAJOR DUTIES: Performs food and beverage service functions, together with related housekeeping activities such as the following: secures clean linen and appropriate glassware and silverware, depending on the particular menu, food, and beverages to be served or on direction of supervisor. Readies assigned table for food and beverages, ensuring dishes, glasses, and silverware meet required cleanliness standards and linens and condiment containers are clean. Ensures that orders are delivered to proper table and in proper manner. Supplies customers with proper supplements such as butter, ice, coffee, fruits, juices, salads and breads. Refills food and beverage items and may perform emergency clean up if items are spilled or dropped. Cleans tables and prepares them for new guests. Performs other related duties as assigned.

KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS REQUIRED: Knowledge of proper serving and food handling and sanitation techniques is necessary to be successful in this position. Must have knowledge of proper table settings and have the ability to follow oral instructions. This facility can be fast-paced. Performs routine manual tasks. Must have good personal hygiene standards.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: This position is required to do considerable standing, walking and light lifting. Objects handled and carried seldom weigh in excess of 10 pounds