MilSpouse Employment

The MilSpouse Employment Study

The Social Cost Analysis of the Unemployment and Underemployment of Military Spouses study reveals the economic costs to society from the high rates of unemployment, underemployment, and reduced labor force participation among U.S. military spouses. The research was conducted by the Sorenson Impact Center, a division of the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah, in consultation and collaboration with Blue Star Families.

The unemployment that affects military spouses as a result of the military lifestyle costs the U.S. economy almost one billion dollars a year. We know that it hurts families. We know that it hurts the military because it impacts retention and now we know, it hurts the U.S. economy. Download the infographic to learn more about the study’s findings.




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There is good news. Now that we know the scope of the problem we can fix it. We are calling on corporations and the government to form public-private partnerships to reduce this unconscionable rate of unemployment and underemployment among military families. If companies work together with the government, with Joining Forces, with the Department of Labor, with military services, we can bring that number down. We’re confident we can do it.

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