National Newsletter  |  Issue #14


April is here! We see the sun shining and flowers blooming. The work continues for our brave service men and women, and I am constantly reminded of the amazing strength that military families have to support their service members. The situation in Ukraine remains ever-present in many of our minds. I understand your concerns. That’s why Blue Star Families is here.

For me, with April being Month of the Military Child, it makes me reflect that so much of what preoccupied me in my military life was figuring out how to make my kids thrive in this military lifestyle. I founded this organization because I knew that military families–especially our kids–needed to be seen and heard during both the good times and the hard. At Blue Star Families, we are determined to walk with you through the tough stuff while also being a bright spot in your day to help you through even the most stressful of times. 

During April’s Month of the Military Child, we’re so happy to lift up the resilient military children in all of our lives! We’re excited to work with zzzBears to give away very cuddly teddy bears to extremely deserving military children. You can enter for the chance to win one! While you’re at it, download this exclusive Month of the Military Child certificate that you can personalize for any awesome MilKid. We also have lots of activities happening for all ages to help your family get outdoors and into the fresh air. Be sure to follow along on social media, because we have lots happening all month long.

I find a little more bounce in my step during this beautiful April. And I hope you do, too! Enjoy your month, and hold tight to the wonderful military kids in your life!

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MOMC zzzBear Giveaway

During Month of the Military Child, we’re teaming up with zzzBears to put cuddly teddy bears into the arms of extremely deserving military children.

Celebrate Awesome MilKids You Know!

Looking for a way to honor military kids during Month of the Military Child? Download our MOMC Certificate, and present it to a special MilKid in your life. Tag us on social media, and we’ll spread the word about your awesome MilKid, too!

Connect with Family in the Outdoors

The great outdoors is the perfect setting to make family memories in your community. Participate in our fun activities to connect with nature, breathe in the fresh air, meet a new friend, support your community, or embark on a life-changing adventure!

Special Programming for Latinx/Hispanic MilSpouses

We’re proud to announce Verano Bilingue Summer 2022 with Spouseforce, powered by Blue Star Careers. Bilingual/Latinx/Hispanic military spouses are invited to join us for professional development and career opportunities.

Get to Work With Blue Star Careers

Ready to find success as a career-minded military spouse? With Blue Star Careers, you can achieve your goals by accessing comprehensive career development resources — no matter where your military journey takes you.

Save the Date, May 11th, One lucky Military Spouse will be selected!

Blue Star Families is excited to offer one military spouse a full-ride scholarship to V School. Get started on a career in the tech world with V School!

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How Can You Help?

We recently received an amazing donation from MacKenzie Scott. To celebrate, we’re kicking off the biggest fundraising campaign in Blue Star Families' history! We’re treating Ms. Scott’s donation as a challenge. Our goal is to raise an equal amount or more this year. We’re going to keep going until we’re able to serve all of our military and Veteran families! We’ve got big plans for 2022, but you can help today!

Month of the Milkid: Finances

Mark your calendars for April 28th, because it’s Teach Children to Save Day! Geared toward elementary and middle school ages, Teach Children to Save (TCTS) is a free national program sponsored by the American Bankers Association that organizes banker volunteers throughout the year to help young people develop a savings habit early in life.

Thank You, Blue Star Partners!

Simply put, if it weren’t for dedicated supporters like ours, Blue Star Families wouldn’t be what it is today. Thank you to our partners for supplying the funds we need to make a difference in the lives of military families, helping them find a sense of belonging in their community. 

Because of the generous gifts from Amazon, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Salesforce, and USAA, we employ Charo Bates, Applied Research & Social Impact DEPLOY Fellow; Quiana Abner, National Chapter DEPLOY Fellow; Leslie Wightman, Technology DEPLOY Fellow; Nicole Rawlinson, Blue Star Outdoors DEPLOY Fellow; and Kelley Klor, Amazon Food Insecurity DEPLOY Fellow. The work of our DEPLOY Fellows makes lasting and positive impacts on the military- and Veteran-connected community. We’re grateful that our partners believe in our work enough to provide ongoing support!

We'd like to thank the following sponsors for supporting Blue Star Families!