Child Care

It truly takes a village so military families can successfully complete any mission that comes with serving our country. Child care options can often assist with cultivating that village—especially when service member families are not usually afforded the luxury of leaning on friends and family for support.

For that reason, the DoD recognizes that child care is a “workforce issue that directly impacts the efficiency, readiness, retention, and lethality of the Total Force,” illustrating why it is the largest employer-sponsored child care provider in the United States.

Even so, finding child care is considered stressful and can negatively impact service members and their families.

Blue Star Families supports legislation that would make child care more affordable and accessible to military families.

Policy Recommendations

  • Increase the number of providers available to military families and oppose funding cuts to military child care programs
  • Exempt military families from having to include Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) as part of their total income when applying for publicly-supported child care programs
  • Expand fee assistance eligibility to military families who wish to enroll their child in a child care facility that is state licensed (even if it is not accredited)
  • Incentivize local child care providers to obtain national certification via federal reimbursements