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Our military is being held as political hostages

Imagine this: One person wielding arbitrary power over 1.5 million military family members. But surprise, it’s not the president — it’s Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville.
His move to block more than 250 officer promotions not only robs the military of valuable talent, it’s left two military branches leaderless: the Marines, without an official chief for the first time in 164 years, and the Army. The consequences are far-reaching, impacting those who defend our freedoms.

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Here’s what the PACT Act can do for you, how to apply

SALT LAKE CITY — Veterans still have until Monday night to get backdated benefits through the PACT Act.
Around 2,000 Utah vets have already had claims approved in the past year and advocates are trying to get anyone who hasn’t already applied to do so. Jenny Akin, Chief of Staff at Blue Star Families told KSL NewsRadio that, at its heart, the PACT Act makes it easier for Veterans and their surviving families to apply for assistance.

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President Joe Biden says he’s ‘proud’ that PACT Act has helped more than 2,000 Utah veterans

In front of an audience of veterans and some of Utah’s most high-profile Democrats, President Joe Biden recognized the first anniversary of signing the PACT Act into law at his only public appearance during a brief visit to Utah. At the Salt Lake City Veterans Affairs health center on Thursday, Biden praised the support from all sides of the political aisle that led to the bill’s passage a year ago, saying, “We are the United States of America, there’s nothing, nothing beyond our capacity when we decide to work together to get it done.”

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Businesses That Help Military Recruiting Help Themselves

When businesses and our military work together to address the challenges with recruiting in our armed forces, both will benefit. Why is this important? In the words of Francis Hesselbein, former CEO of the Girl Scouts, awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom and who passed away last year at the age of 107, the two institutions that have sustained our democracy from the very beginning are public education and the United States military. Today, both are under pressure, and American businesses can help.

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Howard University Commemorates 75th Anniversary of U.S. Military Desegregation

On July 26, 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed Executive Order 9981, integrating America’s Armed forces, and 75 years later, Howard University, a site with a deep history of military service and civil rights activism, recognized this pivotal moment in American history with a panel and symposium.
The university, in partnership with Blue Star Families and The Chamberlain Project hosted “Freedom to Serve: Integrating the Armed Services, an event that included robust conversations, an appearance by Air Force veteran and venerable actor Morgan Freeman, and a celebration of American heroes.

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Military Spouse Unemployment A Complex Problem with Evolving Solutions

Pg. 29 – When Marine Corps spouse Lynzie Moore moved with her husband from Jacksonville, North Carolina, to San Diego, she took a pay cut and waited out a lengthy onboarding process to begin a contractor position in cancer diagnostics at a major pharmaceutical company. When a full-time position opened up, she was told that her military spouse status would move her application “to the top of the pile,” she recalled.

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Efforts to diversify military target of culture wars

As the nation marked the 75th anniversary of desegregation in the military and the federal workforce, it celebrated progress — but the occasion also served as a reckoning. A combination of congressional concerns about quotas and recruiting problems for the armed services reveals a fault line in how the military should set policies to increase diversity.

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Starbucks Strengthens its Support for the U.S. Military Community 

Seattle, WA — Today, Starbucks Corporation (Nasdaq: SBUX) is proud to strengthen its support for the U.S. military community, including partners (employees) and their families through expanded career development, mental health, and hiring initiatives. The focus areas were inspired by conversations with Starbucks Armed Forces Network (AFN), a partner (employee) resource group that welcomes, engages and empowers Starbucks Veterans, military spouses and advocates.

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Many military families are struggling financially. They could soon get a big pay hike

Although the House’s latest defense bill has come under fire for its controversial social policy amendments, the crucial annual legislation also has a multitude of provisions to help service members and their families who are struggling financially.

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Blue Star Families’ annual survey on military life wraps up soon

Military families still have several days to take part in the largest annual survey of military life, which concludes Wednesday. Results of the Military Family Lifestyle Survey are routinely read by military leaders and politicians in positions to make changes, Blue Star’s senior director of applied research, Jessica Strong, told Stars and Stripes

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