The Caregiver Challenge

While caregiving can be rewarding and help make your wounded warrior’s life a little bit easier, it is still a big challenge. If you are a caregiver, you may be struggling to make sense of your added caregiver responsibilities. You may be experiencing difficulties navigating through the problems in your life and trying to reorganize your life to accommodate – whether you are a new caregiver or a “veteran”.

Add to that one of the hardest challenges of caregiving: communicating. Whether it is communicating  with loved ones about what you and your wounded warrior are going through and the support you need OR communicating with professionals – sometimes it can be difficult to communicate what you and your wounded warrior need – and then to accept help that is offered.

You may be afraid to ask for the help, or if you do ask, your loved ones may feel unfairly burdened by such requests and respond negatively. These types of situations often lead to arguments, hurt feelings and rifts in the family. This can make a tough caregiving situation that much tougher.

How can you learn to successfully navigate these tricky conversations? The Blue Star Cares program from Blue Star Families is here to help you.

Welcome to Blue Star Cares

A toolkit for learning successful communication strategies

Blue Star Families has partnered with United Health Foundation to bring you Blue Star Cares – a safe and empowering way for you to learn and practice successful communication styles through computer-based simulations. Best of all, you’ll be able to enter these simulations anytime, anywhere with your tablet, laptop or desktop.

These simulations let you interact with lifelike virtual humans – Avatars – who respond to your statements in a very natural and realistic way. As you run through the simulations, it will feel like you’re in real conversation with family members. You’ll get immediate, constructive feedback not only from the Avatar, but also from a helpful coach who pops up to give you friendly advice whenever situations start to get particularly challenging.

Your Blue Star Cares Toolkit also includes a comprehensive workbook full of great resources, including advice, exercises, and self-care techniques. Together, the Avatar simulations and the workbook will help you with gaining the knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully navigate life as a caregiver. We hope you’ll find this Toolkit to be a beneficial support resource for you and your family.






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