Financial Literacy

Military life can be hard on any budget. Check out these tips and tricks collected from some of our partners.

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A Chocolate Lover’s Deployment

Day 1 Spouse just left for six month deployment. Kids in bed and house quiet, missing him already. Scan pantry for half-empty chocolate box from last Valentine’s Day, leftover Halloween candy from last year, or that one uneaten solid milk chocolate Easter bunny that narrowly escaped the clutches of the 4-year-old. Sweet success, I eat […]

3 Ways to Up Your Game with Blue Star Families Resources

It happens to all of us. Deployments come fast and furious, orders sneak up on us, we get stuck in a rut, and then we’re left feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. If you’re looking to shake things up, improve your game, and do something for you, look no further! Blue Star Families’ has some exclusive resources […]

All About Blue Star Families’ Spouseforce Program

Sound familiar? “You’re perfect for this job, BUT we know you’re moving soon, so we chose another candidate.” Or… You get the education, certifications, and internships to apply for a job in your dream career field, land the job after endless interviews, climb that ladder, and are finally start seeing progress in your career path, […]