Helping Strong Families Be Even Stronger

Military life is different, and can be difficult. Frequent moves, deployments, and transitions can make it hard for military families to establish strong, trusted networks.

Programs for caregivers and member benefits support the goal of making strong families even stronger. Wellness of the entire family–across the whole lifecycle of military service from enlistment to retirement and into Veteran status–is important. At Blue Star Families, we’ve “been there, done that” because we are a team of military spouses and Veterans. We know what it’s like to be part of a military family, and we know that life for the service member is easier when there is a healthy and happy family at home. We hope you enjoy taking a little time for you, and continuing your education in the caregiving space.

Member Benefits: Blue Star Families works with health and wellness partners to bring members free perks, exclusive resources, and fun goodies. When a military family is experiencing the trials and tribulations of frequent moves, the anxiety when a parent goes away for a long deployment, or the uncertainty that accompanies the transition back to civilian life, these member benefits can make these changes a little easier.

Caregiver Workshops and Digital ResourcesThe role of the caregiver is an important one, filled with both encouraging and challenging moments. It’s why we have developed a program to specifically target military family members who are caring for their veteran or service member: Caregivers Empowering Caregivers.

Cutting-Edge Research in Caregiver Support: Coming soon, you’ll hear more about a first-of-its-kind technology and resources for supporting caregivers. This innovative project, made possible with the generous support of United Health Foundation, incorporates evidence‐based training and peer‐based support networks to enhance continuity of care. Join our network to hear the latest! 

Caregivers Empowering Caregivers Workshops

During these casual get togethers with peers and led by qualified caregiving experts, you'll talk about what it's like to be a caregiver, learn about resources and new information, share ideas, and even vent a little about day-to-day life. It's not a PowerPoint presentation - it's a chance to connect, share your story and walk away with some positive reinforcement.

Blue Star Families Caregiver Event

Operation Family Caregiver

Operation Family Caregiver is a personalized program to help families of newly returning service members and veterans adjust to the “new normal.” The program offers specially trained coaches to help military families learn how to cope with known and unknown challenges.

Blue Star Cares

Blue Star Families has partnered with United Health Foundation to bring you Blue Star Cares – a safe and empowering way for you to learn and practice successful communication styles through computer-based simulations.

Caregiver Video Digital Resources

At Blue Star Families we are committed to supporting military caregivers in a myriad of ways. We know that your schedules are often not your own, so we have put together a video series for you to access at your own convenience. Our videos are produced in partnership with and provide brief discussions on topics requested by our caregiving community.

Caregiver Digital Resources

While we know videos are a beneficial tool for immediate, on demand support, we also recognize the need for additional caregiving resources. To address this need we have partnered with Military Veteran Caregiver Network. The MVCN offers access to over 3,000 vetted, and topically organized caregiving resources. It also serves as a safe space for caregivers to communicate and network and provides a peer to peer mentor program for caregivers.

Thrive Memberships—Free for Members!

Thrive Market is an online shopping club that offers healthy groceries up to 50% off, offering the world's best-selling natural and organic products at wholesale prices. Membership, valued at $59.95, is FREE for Blue Star Families Members.