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What if we could get an inventory that we could make visible, consisting of not only what kind of work we were trained in and interested in, but could catalogue how we wanted to work, and under what conditions?

We’ll share your voice with the movers and shakers in policy, and broker solutions with employers to create job opportunities that align with the military lifestyle; job opportunities that meet our needs and allow us to participate in the workforce while also being responsible to the national security mission our families support.

We want you to tell us HOW you want to and CAN work.

Woohoo! We've found your Portfolio! Proceed through the Portfolio and update any information that may have changed. Thanks!

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Are you interested in getting FREE certifications in HR, Six Sigma, Project Management and IT certifications? And yes, there truly are no strings attached we promise. There is also no rank eligibility, no use of the GI Bill or your MYCAA. All you have to do is be an Active Duty military spouse or a Post-911 Military spouse!!! All branches, including Coast Guard and Reservists! This is a great way to help give your resume the extra boost it may need for that dream job!


 Work Experience


Volunteer Experience

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Current Work Status

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What career field(s) are you qualified for and want to work in?
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Did you know that 80% of positions are filled by networking? Mentors are so important in your career search, they can provide connection, insights and experiences from their own personal network.

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We know this question makes you want to roll your eyes, trust us we totally get it. This information will only be used for policy and statistical purposes ... we promise!


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If you're interested in sharing your resume with us, we will use it to help match you with potential jobs in your area(s) of interest. Don't worry about formatting, as your resume is for internal use only and will not be shared with employers! This is not required.


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Would you like us to pass on your contact information to employers that are looking to fill jobs that align with YOUR interests, areas of expertise, and work preferences?

At no time will personal information related to your military affiliation, current salary, etc. be shared with potential employers. That information is ONLY for internal use to advocate for military spouses in the workforce. 

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