Allyson Harasimowicz

New York Tri-State Chapter Director

Air Force Spouse (ret)


Allyson Harasimowicz is the New York Tri-State Chapter Director. For 25 years, Allyson served alongside her husband, Air Force Colonel Michael Harasimowicz (Ret), supporting Military Families and stronger communities. As a small business owner, she continues to promote strengthening families through faith-based music, theater and children’s education.

She is a singer and a songwriter and is an active part of the American Military Spouses Choir that performed on America’s Got Talent in 2013, the Hallmark Channel and the 2015 Lincoln Awards.

Now living in the NYC area, Allyson has enjoyed teaming up with Waterwell Theater Company in their off-Broadway production of Blue Print Specials and their Fleet Week Follies to bring awareness and connection between the arts and military communities. Allyson holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from the State University of New York at Geneseo. She is thrilled to be back in her home state with her husband and four children.