Daryl Prendergast

"I learn more by being wrong than by being right."

"If someone intelligently criticizes or disagrees with me, I learn. If they convince me that I am wrong, I am thankful..."

– D. Norman

Front End Developer


Daryl brought his visual problem solving skills and east coast work ethic to San Diego after college at Northeastern University in Boston. The son of a proud navy guy and VFW regular, Daryl made his mark in the digital world working in print, on the web, and in video.

His work ranged from creating key visual assets for a military publishing company, designing online systems for sales and coordinating events for an international corporate marketing department, and managing print, web and video operations for one of the largest school districts in the country.

Daryl understands the needs of users in all environments are constantly changing and that requires a growth minded approach along with regular contact with real people. His time in the service of the education community afforded him opportunities to create both online and offline experiences and then interact with users for immediate feedback. Having such direct access was invaluable for rapid improvements and better overall outcomes.

Outside of work, his time is dedicated to his three high energy kids, a wonderful working wife, and a new dads group at the elementary school. He is also very active on the board for the local little league.