Dorsey Newcomb

Executive Director, Leonard Wood Institute/Sustainable Ozarks Partnership

Dorsey L. Newcomb was named Executive Director of the Leonard Wood Institute (LWI) in 2019. Mr. Newcomb’s experience at LWI includes twelve years managing over 175 applied research projects valued at 67 million dollars, preparing Requests for Proposals and coordinating with military capability developers to identify relevant research and development projects. His experience also includes serving as a technical resource in developing and maintaining working relationships with various U.S. Army organizations; analyzing and prioritizing information related to military research and development interests used in initiating, funding and managing research projects; reviewing and analyzing technical merit of research proposals; creating and maintaining required records related to research management; assisting in preparation of grant applications, proposals and other requests for funding; assisting in the preparation of quarterly and Annual Program Plan reports to the Army Research Laboratory (ARL); serving as a technical resource for LWI sub awardees and partner organizations, monitoring sub-awardee project performance and preparing periodic technical progress and final reports provided to ARL.

Mr. Newcomb also serves as the Program Manager of the Sustainable Ozarks Partnership (SOP), a nonprofit, membership-based organization that is working in concert with FLW, Missouri’s Congressional Delegation, state leaders, and others in identifying and executing strategies designed to develop and implement initiatives to ensure that Fort Leonard Wood will continue to be an important and enduring installation for the U.S. Army and the nation.

Prior to June 2008, Newcomb was Commandant of the MANSCEN Noncommissioned Officer Academy at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. He served as the executive level leader of the largest Noncommissioned Officer Academy and Drill Sergeant School in the United States Army. He was responsible for 120 cadre and civilian employees while training of over 5,200 personnel annually through 22 separate leadership and technical courses of curriculum. He served as a principal advisor to the MANSCEN Commanding General on issues related to the professional military education (PME) of all Chemical, Engineer, and Military Police enlisted leaders.

Mr. Newcomb served 25 years in the U.S. Army where he led various levels of military organizations. His military service includes extensive experience in leadership development, training, personnel, facilities, logistics and budget management, and force protection. During his career, he served successfully as Commandant, Battalion Command Sergeant Major, Battalion Operations/Task Force Sergeant Major, First Sergeant, Course Manager, Platoon Sergeant, Drill Sergeant, Squad Leader, Desk Sergeant, and Military Police Investigator. His service included various stateside, overseas, and forward-deployed assignments.

Newcomb is President of the Military Police Regimental Association’s National Board of Directors and served six years on the Waynesville RVI Board of Education. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Columbia College.

Dorsey and his wife Lidia (Drury, BS ’00) of 27 years have two adult children, Lynette a 2013 graduate of Drury University, and Dylan a 2017 graduate of Wash U in St. Louis.