Jusika Martinez

Social Media Manager

Air Force Spouse


Jusika Martinez is the Social Media Manager with over seventeen years of experience in the marketing industry with experiences in traditional marketing, public relations, communications, and graphic design. Jusika has chosen to focus her career in traditional marketing strategy, digital marketing strategy and implementation, and social media management. Jusika has worked in very diversified industries throughout her career from the Department of Defense, non-profits, local organizations, and public-sector businesses in freelance, corporate and agency settings. Jusika Martinez has a certification as an Online Marketing Professional from Auburn University.
Jusika is an Air Force Spouse and has served in her Air Force communities as a Key Spouse, Master Resiliency Trainer and non-profit leader of multiple Enlisted Spouse Associations throughout her spouses’ career.
Jusika’s favorite Blue Star Families resource has been the Blue Star Caregivers as it has given her family resources in the times of need. In her free time, Jusika enjoys volunteering, mentoring spouses, gardening, reading and practicing yoga.