Laura Torres

West Coast Careers Manager Trainer

Marine Corps Spouse


Laura Torres is an active duty military spouse who grew up in Madison Wisconsin where she met her husband while attending Madison Area Technical college.  She has been blessed to share 20 years of military service with her husband who is now getting ready to exit the Marine Corp in the next year. They have transition from many stations including Yuma AZ, New Orleans, Portland and eventually relocated to California. While in Oregon, she pursued her education through Eastern Oregon University where she earned a Bachelors in liberal studies with a concentration in Early Childhood Education. 

After relocating to California in 2009 and unable to find satisfying work, Laura enrolled in the Income tax course at H&R Block where she later worked as a certified tax preparer, recruiter, trainer and office manager for 4 years. Being involved with many military clients and their spouses during the tax preparation interview, she noticed the great disconnect to services in the local area and the need to create local resource to support each other.   

Laura decided to leave her Office Manager title in the tax office and recently participated in the Onward to Opportunity training at Camp Pendleton where she completed the CompTIA A+ certification.  Her goal is to earn an MBA from Cal State San Marcos and to obtain a Human Resources certification (aPHR or similar) to continue to grow and support others in finding that perfect career calling.   

Laura enjoys staying home when possible, taking care of their four beautiful kids and occasionally sewing.  Online education has become one of her recent hobbies. She is constantly searching for FREE online education opportunities for military spouses and researching ways to improve skills.  Laura is not much of a runner but enjoys walking and dancing as a way of fitness.  She also loves cooking and making new dishes to impress her family