Lou Weisbach

Founder and CEO, Merch Time, LLC

Lou Weisbach‘s new venture is revolutionizing the logo merchandise industry with an innovative sourcing model that will globally disrupt the business of imprinted promotional products. Lou has had an amazing career, since graduating from DePaul University in 1969 and starting out selling logo products with a Chicago based Advertising Specialty company. In 1972 he founded HA-LO Advertising Specialties, which he led as CEO to reach over $22Mil. in sales before taking it public in 1992. HA-LO became the largest company in its industry with revenues of $740Mil. and employed 5,200 people in 55 offices in 11 counties.

During his tenure as CEO of HA-LO, Lou was co-owner and founder of the Chicago Power Major league soccer team and former Chairman of The Giving Back Fund. And since leaving the company in 1999, has lead the Jefferson Trust for the Democratic National Committee, co-founded the American Center for Cures, was a founding partner of the Stadium Capital Financing Group, and founded Merch Time, LLC. Lou was also involved with the successful Rudolph program that became the catalyst for the formation of Edu-Characters.