Mark Henry

Director, Treasurer | Vice President of Corporate Development for BAE Systems, Inc.


Mark A. Henry is the Vice President of Corporate Development for BAE Systems, Inc., based in Arlington, Virginia. In this role, he leads Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture activities of the US-based sectors across the company as they seek to augment organic growth with inorganic opportunities. Mr. Henry joined BAE Systems in 2015.

Mr. Henry began his career in 1992 with Ogden Environmental as an environmental engineer after receiving a B.S. in Geology from the University of the South. After joining Motorola UDS in 1993, Mr. Henry led the environmental, health and safety activities for a manufacturing facility in Huntsville, Alabama. While in Huntsville, Mr. Henry received a M.S. in Management from the Florida Institute of Technology. In 1996, he relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona to assist in the management of a superfund site at the Motorola Government Electronics Group. While there, he received an MBA and a M.S. of Environmental Technology Management from Arizona State University. In 2005, following an acquisition of the business by General Dynamics, Mr. Henry began working in the Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions department. From 2005 to 2015, he took on increasing roles of responsibility, eventually becoming Vice President, Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions for the $4B company. In his role, Mr. Henry closed eight transactions for the company to assist the company is shaping its technology portfolio and position for growth. Mr. Henry also assisted in the integration of the newly acquired and relocated a manufacturing facility across the country.