Tess Peterson

Marketing Manager, Memberships



Tess Peterson is the Marketing Manager, Memberships at Blue Star Families. Tess is a proud Army spouse of over 15 years. She has volunteered to serve in various SFRG roles including Senior Advisor, Treasurer, Key Caller, and Leader. Through her military life and volunteer service, she has developed a deep understanding and empathy for the military community.

Prior to joining Blue Star Families, Tess worked at a national nonprofit as a Digital Marketing Manager where she was able to make connections through storytelling between those who serve and their civilian neighbors. Early in her career, Tess held positions with in FMWR Marketing where she was able to utilize her communication skills to uplift and engage her military community through events and services.

A lifelong Zag, Tess holds a B.A. in Public Relations (’05) and a M.A. in Communication & Leadership with a concentration in Digital Media Strategies (’20) from Gonzaga University. Currently residing in Columbus, Georgia, Tess enjoys spending her free time with her Active Duty husband and their three school-aged kids. You’re most likely to find Tess sipping coffee and scrolling through social media keeping up on the latest trends.