Military-Connected Families

It has been a long fight for military and Veteran families for the past 20 years, and we are still on duty. Together with our Blue Star Partners and local neighbors, Blue Star Families is solving challenges for military families like yours, ensuring that wherever you go, you always feel connected, supported, and empowered to thrive - in every community, across the nation, and around the globe. You will always have a home with Blue Star Families.

Have you ever struggled to establish a strong sense of belonging at a new duty station?

While more than 70% of military families live off base in their local communities, many do not feel a strong sense of belonging to those communities. Blue Star Welcome Week, which takes place each year during the last week of September, is here to connect you with your neighbors and create communities of mutual support.

We know you need to have opportunities to connect all year long, so look below to check out Ways to Participate, Chapter Events, Get Settled and Connected (our trusted nonprofit partners are here to support your military lifestyle!), and Volunteer Opportunities.

Military Connected Families

Ways to participate

Become more connected to your community by wearing a Blue Star Welcome paracord bracelet.

Download and customize a free change of address card to let your friends and family know it is time to update your contact information! We have three designs to choose from.

There are currently 11 Blue Star Chapters across the nation to better serve some of our military family populations. See if there is a Blue Star Chapter near you, and sign up to be a part of one!

In-pErson + Virtual Events

Select a Blue Star Chapter near you to view in-person* and virtual Blue Star Welcome Week events.

Send us a message if you do not see a Chapter near you. We want to know where there is a demand! Please also message us with local and virtual event ideas that are interesting and valuable to you if you are not finding something here. We want to provide meaningful ways for you to connect with your community!

Some of our events have limited capacity, so please register to ensure your chance at a spot, and connect with your local Chapter to be the first to know about events during Blue Star Welcome Week and beyond.

*We are closely monitoring COVID-19 guidance! Please check local event details for updates or cancellations.  

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Meet Your Coast-to-Coast Supporters

These people have proclaimed their support for Blue Star Welcome Week and have recognized the importance of helping YOU feel a sense of belonging in your community. Welcome home!

Get Settled and Connected

Whether you have just moved to your new duty station, will be moving soon, or you have been living in your community for a while now, there are plenty of ways to get connected and find the best solutions to empower your family to thrive. We know what it is like to move routinely, so though this is not a comprehensive list, we have curated some favorites based on the experiences of our staff and closest partners. 

Welcome Week Volunteer

Volunteer in Your Community

Establish a connection with your community and meet people with similar interests. Visit your installation’s website to learn about local opportunities available to you, or click on the buttons below for more options.