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Veterans Affairs | ETS Sponsorship Program

The program centers on a personal relationship between the service member, who is leaving the military, and a sponsor, who is trained and certified, and perhaps equally important, empathetic and dedicated to helping the service members and family members.

ETS -Expiration of Term of Service- should be an exciting opportunity for the service member who is opening the door to the next chapter of life. Yet, often, the stresses associated with walking through this door are challenging. The ETS Sponsorship Program ensures that the service member – and the family – do not walk alone. Our sponsors, who live in the community, will not only walk through the door with the service member, but will continue to coach and guide throughout the process.

This program builds a much-needed bridge between the VA and the U.S. Armed Forces. Our program provides the service member a real relationship with a sponsor that is personal, connected, and meaningful.

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