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Independence Fund | The Independence Line

To support the response to recent events in Afghanistan, The Independence Fund, in partnership with Loyal Source, is proud to offer US Veterans, their Caregivers, their families, and the Afghan Special Immigrant Visa recipients and refugees now in the United States, a professionally manned call center, The Independence Line. The toll free line (+1 855-341-5456), manned from 8 am to midnight every day, provides free assistance from highly trained and qualified case managers and clinicians to help Afghans now in the United States navigate the resettlement process, find assistance with their new lives in the United States, and get the resources they need for themselves and their families. Likewise, The Independence Line aids U.S. Veterans, Caregivers, and family members find assistance and proper mental health counseling to address issues which may arise from the current situation with Afghanistan. No one will be turned away, and all are encouraged to reach out for assistance. | Find Out More

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