236 years ago, Americans made an implicit promise to support the common defense in the preamble of our Constitution. Today, it is indisputably clear that we are failing to uphold that promise. As a result, the trajectory of our country’s military has reached a critical point:

Recruitment is declining to historically low levels

Our military community is struggling to thrive in an outdated socio-economic infrastructure and as a result, the community’s willingness to recommend military service has plummeted

The role of the U.S. military in maintaining global stability is more important than ever, and the stakes are greater than ever

We are proud to celebrate the kickoff of Do Your Part: a national coalition, led by Blue Star Families with support from Craig Newmark and craig newmark philanthropies. The Do Your Part campaign will encourage national- and community-level responses to do their part in addressing the interlocking issues military families, and our common defense, are now facing.

We (BSF + Craig Newmark) are proud to launch a new campaign called "Do Your Part" in partnership with the Bob Woodruff Foundation, Nextdoor, Starbucks, and others. We’re building national- and community-level responses to address the interlocking issues military families and our common defense are now facing. These are big challenges that require both big thinking and simple gestures from every American.

Our ask is simple - DO YOUR PART for military and Veteran families and the Common Defense.

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