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Frequent moves, deployments, and transitions can make it hard for military families to establish strong, trusted networks. We bridge the gap between military family communities and the general public. Through our partnerships, Blue Star Families provides free resources, services, and opportunities to more than 1.5 million military family members—making military life more sustainable.

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Our resources are used by more than 1.5 million military families around the world. Our passionate team works year-round to build programs and partnerships to serve you.

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Fort Hood Husband, Wife Military Duo Summit Mount Kilimanjaro

Story by Capt. Kevin Sandell, 504th Military Intelligence Brigade Public Affairs A dual-military couple stationed at Fort Hood recently completed an expedition to Africa by climbing and summiting the continent’s highest peak. For the veteran travel enthusiasts, both of whom are less than 30 years old, ascending the “roof of Africa” proved to be a […]

Pride & Honor: A Poem By Military Child Mitchell Adkins

Remarkable is this journey as far as I see. Made in America – yes, that is me. Son of a Patriot – proudly to be. The devotion, the strength – the fabric worn free. My life has been quite different, and that I would not trade. New friends around the world, what a blessing our […]

Get Loud, Military Families! Start Telling Neighbors What You Need!

We are celebrating Good Neighbors… but what does that even mean? Blue Star Neighbor (n): Any individual who is dedicated to helping military families thrive! When our team at Blue Star Families decided to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day, we started off by asking military spouses on Facebook what kind of support they were looking for. The answers we received […]