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Frequent moves, deployments, and transitions can make it hard for military families to establish strong, trusted networks. We bridge the gap between military family communities and the general public. Through our partnerships, Blue Star Families provides free resources, services, and opportunities to more than 1.5 million military family members—making military life more sustainable.

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Did you know there are many ways you can support military families? Here at Blue Star Families, we're all about choices. We know that one size doesn't fit all.

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Our resources are used by more than 1.5 million military families around the world. Our passionate team works year-round to build programs and partnerships to serve you.

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What is Spouseforce all about?

As military spouses, we are all familiar with how difficult it is to navigate our careers with the military lifestyle. Blue Star Families in partnership with The Walmart Foundation and J.P. Morgan Chase is trying to ease some of that career instability by inviting military spouses to participate in Blue Star SpouseForce. SpouseForce is a […]

Oh, the Place You’ll Go (and the weird stuff you’ll have to say)

Memorial Day being right around the corner which means PCS season is coming. While you’re all busy scheduling movers, pouring over school reviews and making the 432,458 lists we need throughout the process, make sure you include this list. Or, at least grin a little while you read it. I’ve polled all of the MilKids […]

A Community that CARES

What happens when a company of over 110,000 employees volunteer to support Military Families for their annual volunteer efforts?  The answer is hundreds of Family FUN Night Bags for military families in the New York and New Jersey area and kick-off support for Blue Star Families New York Regional Office.  Talk about incredible timing and […]