#BlueStarStory: A Caregiver Running On Autopilot

Published: December 20, 2017

Meet Mary, a Blue Star Caregiver and her Blue Star Family

“I become a caregiver after my husband sustained back injuries during his deployment in Iraq while serving as a medic. Due to his injuries, he needed assistance with walking and getting in and out of bed, which required full-time care. I quit my job to support my family and assumed my new role as a full-time caregiver for my husband and our newborn baby. As a caregiver, I was running on autopilot most of the time and had lost myself. I struggled to try to find meaning and purpose in my life and when I finally had some downtime, it was difficult to find the motivation to attend peer support and wellness events for myself. The Caregivers Empowering Caregivers Events have helped to reduce my feelings of isolation and allowed me time to reset my mind and thoughts, which has been a breath of fresh air.  These peer to peer support events have helped me to recognize that I have needs in the relationship too and that it is ok to take time for myself to recharge. Our family attended the Health and Wellness Equine Therapy CEC Event, that was truly wonderful! It was exciting to see my husband interacting with our daughter and provided a nice break from our stressful life. Exposure to this new resource has encouraged us to look more into other horse therapy opportunities for my family.”

Whether you donate time, volunteer, or join Blue Star Families, the support you offer allows us to continue serving families like Mary’s. As 2017 draws to a close, visit BlueStarFam.org/Give to pledge your support of our nation’s military families.

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