Blue Star Chapters

A Social Impact Model

What are Blue Star Chapters?

Our Chapters facilitate engagement opportunities that create cross-sectoral dialogue between military, Veteran, and civilian communities, which can foster awareness and understanding of military and Veteran lifestyle challenges. Together with our Blue Star Partners, we are building thriving communities of mutual support.

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Military-connected families move frequently — every two to three years on average. Moving often lands these families far from friends and extended family, leaving them isolated from support networks and with a lack of “belonging” to their community, which can have negative effects on their overall well-being.

Therefore, when our Military Family Lifestyle Survey found that about half of military families did not feel a sense of belonging to their local civilian community, it became clear that a purposeful model was required to fundamentally improve their well-being at the local level.

Supporting military and Veteran families strengthens your local community!

Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Blue Star Welcome Week (annually in September): Support national activities where Blue Star Families welcomes military and Veteran families into their communities
  • Blue Star Chapters: Sponsor one of our 11 Chapters, including local programs such as Blue Star Books, which fosters civilian-military relationship building
  • Military Spouse Employment: Empower military spouses to find impactful employment opportunities and combat high unemployment rates through the Spouseforce program
  • Racial Equity and Inclusion: Sponsor a DEPLOY Fellow; this fellowship program is a component of our Racial Equity and Inclusion Initiative (REI), and it embeds and trains individuals from historically under-represented populations within Blue Star Families' team for the purpose of seeding a new generation of leaders throughout the Veteran and military family support space
  • Military Cultural Competency Training: Increase the military cultural competency of local community stakeholders through Blue Star Families’ education campaign

Contact us today for more details on available sponsorship opportunities.

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Military families in this community are looking for opportunities to make connections and have a sense of belonging. The activities, volunteer opportunities, events, informational sessions, and career support programs demonstrate that military families are not invisible or forgotten.

- Military Spouse