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Blue Star Families understands that military kids serve too! Together with our partners, we're continuing to design fun programming and find new opportunities to make their military experience better. Access fun kid-centered activities, giveaways, partner resources, and more!

Military kids are among the most resilient and adaptable individuals you will ever encounter. From last-minute PCS moves to unexpected deployments, military kids endure a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences that can be both exhilarating and challenging. They know how to make new friends quickly, navigate unfamiliar terrain, and find the fun in any situation. Whether it's exploring a new city or creating elaborate forts out of cardboard boxes, military kids know how to make the most of their circumstances.

Here, we are featuring stories that showcase these incredible kids who embody the spirit of resilience and adaptability:



"Within Isabelle's six years of life, she's lived in three states and started kindergarten two weeks after moving and being used to staying at home with me. She never complained once, even though she's very shy and we knew this particular move was hard on her. She's kind, caring, and gets along with everyone she encounters."


"Avery is always working hard to do better and be kind to those around him. Always trying to make people laugh, even when he’s struggling himself. During his dad’s deployment, he’s kept up with school, friends, and has been helping mom so much around the house. Every day, he continues to amaze me!"


First Lady Jill Biden Announces New White House Art Display Dedicated to Military Children

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Kid Perks

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Military Child Facts

Child Care


of employed active-duty spouse respondents indicate they need some form of child care.



of active-duty family respondents with at least one child enrolled in K-12 education know about the Interstate Compact; 74% do not know.

Mental Health


of active-duty family respondents with at least one child in grades K-12 who report their child does not currently receive mental health care, but they would like them to "could not find an available provider who will treat their child”