Blue Star Neighbors

Be a neighbor to military families.
Together, we're all stronger.

Our military, which deploys around the world to protect our nation, is an all-volunteer force. Together, our military service members and their families willingly make significant sacrifices to keep us all safe.

Our military’s families are extremely proud to serve all Americans, and work hard to stay strong while facing the added burdens of military life. What keeps them strong is support from all of us – their Blue Star Neighbors.

Become a Blue Star Neighbor.

Help our military families thrive.

Being a Blue Star Neighbor is as easy as making a friend. Introduce yourself to the military family on your street. Ask how you can lend a hand – from having them over for a meal or assisting with errands to just being there whenever they need some kind of support. They’ll be grateful – and you’ll feel pretty great too.

As a Volunteer:
Blue Star Families holds a variety of community events that connect military families with their neighbors and provide beneficial services. Volunteering is an easy, fun and fulfilling way to make new friends and make a difference in people’s lives. Learn more about Blue Star Neighbor volunteer opportunities in your area.
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As a Veteran:
You know what it’s like to be in an active duty military family. Whether you transitioned out last week or last decade, you’re in a unique position to help those who have followed you on this path. Be it inviting a neighbor family to dinner, volunteering at our events, mentoring a family or supporting Blue Star Families with any size donation, your contribution will mean a lot to our active duty families. Contact us to learn more about how you can help!

As a Civic Organization:
Looking for a really meaningful way for your members to support your community? Why not sponsor events that introduce the members of your organization, school, faith group or chamber of commerce to local military families? Get to know the families in your community. Build personal relationships, and explore easy ways your members can work together to help support military families. The whole community will be stronger as a result.
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As a Business:
There are many ways your business can help, such as providing employment opportunities to military spouses, being a sponsor at a local Blue Star Neighbors event, partner with other businesses to create new opportunities of support, and more. These are great ways to show your business cares.
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As a Partner:
A number of generous companies and organizations partner with Blue Star Families to fund and support innovative programs that help military families stay strong, including critical research to identify the greatest needs, military spouse career development, caregiver support, healthcare, family programs and supportive connections to civilians and businesses in their communities. Learn more about partnering with Blue Star Families to strengthen our military families.
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As a Mentor:
For military spouses, finding a job can be extraordinarily difficult. That’s why Blue Star Families has partnered with Veterati to give military spouses and veterans access to mentors who provide expert career advice at no charge. Visit Veterati today to see how you can become a mentor too.
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As a Donor:
Thanks to the generous support of all donors, Blue Star Families is able to provide a wide variety of programs and services to military families, and continue to carry out its annual Military Lifestyle Survey, recognized by our government and organizations across the nation as the definitive source of data about the most critical needs of military families. Our survey results help us shape and deliver innovative solutions to our military’s families most pressing challenges. Your gift of any size will help us continue this vital work to keep our military families strong.
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